Unwavering devotion is, perhaps, one of the most difficult challenges of self-discipline. I adhere to the strictest moral codes. I expect others to do the same. Refraining from swearing, lying, cheating, stealing, pleasures of the flesh, and worse is not easy, which is why I assign exercises to bolster moral fortitude, including, but not limited to, fasting, meditative introspection, and positive affirmation mantras. If I sense something is amiss, I make it my mission to extract a confession. Once I hear the admission, I assign penance.


Domestic Discipline

I have little tolerance for bad behavior.  If an errant boy needs correction, I may take him into my domestic disciple parlor.  As you can see by the photo, I decorated my Chicago domestic discipline room in the style of a retro living room with quarter sawn American and English oak antiques from the turn of the last century.  I chose ultra feminine floral and pink fabrics for the furniture and accent pieces.  I also went with a cherub theme.  I love those little suckers.  Hidden in the secretary desk are many domestic discipline implements including the following.

Wooden Hairbrush Wooden Spoon Switch
Leather Belts Leather Straps Leather Paddles
Canes Wooden Paddles Carpet Beaters
Coiled Rope Broom Extension Cord
Slipper Ping Pong Paddle Spatula
Birch Bundle Bath Brush Fly Swatters

My Head Is Exploding

Guys, if you’ve been waiting for me to contact you, after you submitted a session booking form, I apologize.  Many somehow bounced into my spam folder.  I set a filter, so it won’t happen again.  I’m going through them, so please be patient.

Finding 1,069 booking forms in your junk mail folder.






Today I was reading the comments from donors to a GoFundMe page for a young family who lost their husband/father in a tragic accident in south TX.

What stood out to me were the variety of immigrant names – Latino, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Irish, German, French, and so on. 

Immigrants built America and continue to make it a better place to live.  Anyone who denies that has a pea brain.  Racism is the benchmark of low intellect, those with small minds judging entire nations on the basis of zero facts.  You cannot have a sound mind and be prejudiced against groups of people at the same time. 

Our current administration fuels the flames of raw stupidity.  It’s unfortunate that a greedy Russian operative (kompromat) dwells in the White House.  It’s egregious that he is abetted by Moscow Mitch.  It’s sick that an entire political party enables him (looking at you, GOP).

I prefer to be hopeful.  The history of our country, the sacrifice and bravery of our founding fathers, and the ever moving toward progress inspires my faith that America will shake off this momentary fall from grace and will once again brightly shine its faithful beacon to the world, Lady Liberty, all are welcome, dreams encouraged, fellowship regardless of birthplace offered.  #immigration #immigrationpolicy 


Perhaps We Are Not As Enlightened As We Like To Think We Are


The state of Arkansas murdered a man yesterday.

It’s 2017 and the US is one of just a handful of industrialized nations that still has the death penalty.

No matter what your views on the death penalty, you cannot deny that mistakes are made. Time and again, death row inmates are exonerated through DNA evidence, which is indisputable.

Taking just one innocent life doesn’t justify our bloodlust for murderous retribution.

The barbarity of the death penalty combined with overwhelming evidence that innocent men sit on death row and coupled with the fact that the death penalty is arbitrarily meted, is definitive argument that we must, as a nation of rational citizens, follow this argument to it natural conclusion.

It’s time for all states and our federal government to say enough is enough and opt for life in prison without the possibility of parole, saving states millions of dollars, sparing grieving families the heartache of appeal after appeal, and quelling our nation of the guilt of taking a possibly innocent life.

There’s no place for state sanctioned murder in our modern, enlightened society. You cannot consider yourself an upright citizen, if you’re willing to allow even one innocent person to be put to death. I, for one, will not rest until the death penalty is deemed obsolete. In my lifetime, I hope to see it so.‬


Human Family

We often forget that we are a human family.

It’s much easier to hate than to love, to fear than to accept, to slur than to praise, to shove than to embrace, to argue than to agree, to destroy than to restore, to raze than to build, to kill than to create, to anger than to inspire, to deny than to confirm, to oppose than to validate, to lie than to reveal, to hoard than to share, to covet than to give, to withhold than to sacrifice, to hide than to stand, to rule than to govern, to obstruct than to accommodate, to ignore than to care, to boast than to deprecate, to intimidate than to encourage, to command than to serve, to battle than to befriend.

Good isn’t easy.

Change isn’t easy.

The wonderful thing about the human family is that we eagerly accept challenge.  We conquer difficulty.  We affect change.  We are courageous.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. – Maya Angelou