Today I was reading the comments from donors to a GoFundMe page for a young family who lost their husband/father in a tragic accident in south TX.

What stood out to me were the variety of immigrant names – Latino, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Irish, German, French, and so on. 

Immigrants built America and continue to make it a better place to live.  Anyone who denies that has a pea brain.  Racism is the benchmark of low intellect, those with small minds judging entire nations on the basis of zero facts.  You cannot have a sound mind and be prejudiced against groups of people at the same time. 

Our current administration fuels the flames of raw stupidity.  It’s unfortunate that a greedy Russian operative (kompromat) dwells in the White House.  It’s egregious that he is abetted by Moscow Mitch.  It’s sick that an entire political party enables him (looking at you, GOP).

I prefer to be hopeful.  The history of our country, the sacrifice and bravery of our founding fathers, and the ever moving toward progress inspires my faith that America will shake off this momentary fall from grace and will once again brightly shine its faithful beacon to the world, Lady Liberty, all are welcome, dreams encouraged, fellowship regardless of birthplace offered.  #immigration #immigrationpolicy 


Perhaps We Are Not As Enlightened As We Like To Think We Are


The state of Arkansas murdered a man yesterday.

It’s 2017 and the US is one of just a handful of industrialized nations that still has the death penalty.

No matter what your views on the death penalty, you cannot deny that mistakes are made. Time and again, death row inmates are exonerated through DNA evidence, which is indisputable.

Taking just one innocent life doesn’t justify our bloodlust for murderous retribution.

The barbarity of the death penalty combined with overwhelming evidence that innocent men sit on death row and coupled with the fact that the death penalty is arbitrarily meted, is definitive argument that we must, as a nation of rational citizens, follow this argument to it natural conclusion.

It’s time for all states and our federal government to say enough is enough and opt for life in prison without the possibility of parole, saving states millions of dollars, sparing grieving families the heartache of appeal after appeal, and quelling our nation of the guilt of taking a possibly innocent life.

There’s no place for state sanctioned murder in our modern, enlightened society. You cannot consider yourself an upright citizen, if you’re willing to allow even one innocent person to be put to death. I, for one, will not rest until the death penalty is deemed obsolete. In my lifetime, I hope to see it so.‬


Human Family

We often forget that we are a human family.

It’s much easier to hate than to love, to fear than to accept, to slur than to praise, to shove than to embrace, to argue than to agree, to destroy than to restore, to raze than to build, to kill than to create, to anger than to inspire, to deny than to confirm, to oppose than to validate, to lie than to reveal, to hoard than to share, to covet than to give, to withhold than to sacrifice, to hide than to stand, to rule than to govern, to obstruct than to accommodate, to ignore than to care, to boast than to deprecate, to intimidate than to encourage, to command than to serve, to battle than to befriend.

Good isn’t easy.

Change isn’t easy.

The wonderful thing about the human family is that we eagerly accept challenge.  We conquer difficulty.  We affect change.  We are courageous.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. – Maya Angelou


Animal Farm

It’s an abomination that our country is composed of so many bigots, racists, sexists, and xenophobes who are willing to vote for a reality TV show fearmonger, rather than an experienced stateswoman and dedicated public servant.

The fact that so many are willing to glom onto such a minor issue as e-mail to disqualify a candidate, while ignoring the fact that Trump is wholly unqualified and unnervingly dangerous, proves that the US education system is sorely lacking.  Otherwise, our citizens wouldn’t be tuned into a reality TV brain-numbing mentality.  The public wouldn’t be so easily swayed by an irresponsible media that cares more for ratings than the truth, a media that left behind journalism years ago, replacing it with sensationalism.

This Orwellian situation would be hilarious, if this were a game, but this isn’t a game. We are on a fast track to the US entering a dystopian era.

If Hillary Clinton were male, none of this would be an issue. The fact that the worst thing naysayers can dig up is an e-mail mistake she’s admitted and apologized for should easily demonstrate who the most fit candidate is. Instead, news outlets are drooling at the prospect of four more years of high ratings featuring their favorite carnival barker, Donald Trump.

Won’t it be ironic when their golden boy turns the tables and squashes their freedom of speech rights and pushes for libel laws that make it impossible to report the truth.  It won’t make a difference to the public, because, apparently, they aren’t interested in the truth.


Goddess Madeline ~ ISO the Ultimate Sissy

I am looking for the biggest priss in Chicagoland.

I’m not talking about any ordinary cross-dresser.

I seek that rare pansy who enjoys pink, bows, ruffles, lace, tea parties, Hello Kitty, Kawaii, kittens, puppies, rainbows, sparkles, unicorns, Lolita culture, flowers, Disney princesses, cotton candy, lip gloss, bunnies, glitter, stickers, lollipops, cupcakes, ponies, dolls, and anything else that’s super girly.

You must be a real poof, someone who flits around like a fairy, extends his pinkie finger while sipping chamomile tea, and crosses his legs every chance he gets.

If pink isn’t your favorite color, you simply won’t do.

Age-play can be a part of it, but doesn’t have to be.

An interest in chastity is a plus.

Whether you consider yourself a sissy maid, sissy slut, sissy faggot, or a plain ole sissy bitch doesn’t matter, as long as you’re ultra-feminine, girly to the nth degree.

You must be well-groomed, clean, a non-smoker, intelligent, local, employed or comfortably retired, respectful, hard-working, loyal, and honest.

It’s just a matter of time, deary.  Soon, you’ll be the cream puff of your dreams.

E-mail goddessmadeline@gmail.com to apply.

If you’re too stupid to follow the application instruction noted above and, instead, choose to comment on this post, you’ll be banned from consideration. I need a smart sissy, not a blithering idiot who can’t follow one simple instruction. If you can’t follow one simple instruction, how can I anticipate that you’ll be able to follow my directions while serving me?


Mommy Madeline ~ ABDL Specialist In Chicago

If you are an adult baby, sissy baby, babyfur, age player, diaper lover, or role-player, you can’t pass up the opportunity to experience a session with Mommy Madeline.

Mommy Madeline is a professional fetishist.  She relishes age play and diaper fetish with a passion beyond words.  Whether you simply find diapers sexy or you are into a full immersion role play, she will take you to places you’ve never been to or even imagined.

Mommy Madeline will burrow into your mind and fuck with it for a while, leaving you more content than you ever thought imaginable.

Her enthusiasm will immediately put you at ease, so don’t delay, if you’re nervous.  After a few minutes, you will feel like you’ve known her your entire life.

Seeing an ABDL mistress can be a daunting thought.  It may rattle your nerves to think about exposing your deep, dark secret to someone, especially a total stranger.  Rest assured that Mommy Madeline will handle you with kid gloves, taking your fears into consideration.  By the time you leave your session, you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous.  Mommy Madeline’s smiling face will stay in your thoughts and comfort you.  You will yearn to return as soon as possible to her loving embrace.

To learn more about Mommy Madeline’s services, visit her website.  There you will find an exciting photo gallery, her availability calendar, a list of her interests, her rates, and other useful information.