I am looking for the biggest priss in Chicagoland.

I’m not talking about any ordinary cross-dresser.

I seek that rare pansy who enjoys pink, bows, ruffles, lace, tea parties, Hello Kitty, Kawaii, kittens, puppies, rainbows, sparkles, unicorns, Lolita culture, flowers, Disney princesses, cotton candy, lip gloss, bunnies, glitter, stickers, lollipops, cupcakes, ponies, dolls, and anything else that’s super girly.

You must be a real poof, someone who flits around like a fairy, extends his pinkie finger while sipping chamomile tea, and crosses his legs every chance he gets.

If pink isn’t your favorite color, you simply won’t do.

Age-play can be a part of it, but doesn’t have to be.

An interest in chastity is a plus.

Whether you consider yourself a sissy maid, sissy slut, sissy faggot, or a plain ole sissy bitch doesn’t matter, as long as you’re ultra-feminine, girly to the nth degree.

You must be well-groomed, clean, a non-smoker, intelligent, local, employed or comfortably retired, respectful, hard-working, loyal, and honest.

It’s just a matter of time, deary.  Soon, you’ll be the cream puff of your dreams.

E-mail to apply.



The month of July will go down in ABDL history!

Mommy Madeline and Mommy Meredith are taking to the highway to bring loving kindness to your city.

Age-Players, Sissy Babies, Diaper Lovers, Adult Babies, Babyfurs, Role-Players, Spankos, everyone is welcome!

We will come bearing an arsenal of goodies.

Here is a small sampling of the trunk full of debauchery we will have on hand.

  • disposable and cloth diapers of every type and brand ~ enough to cover every bum in America and, maybe, even put over a few heads (we change wet & messy)
  • changing supplies by Johnson & Johnson ~ lotions, potions, wipes, and powders to spruce up your bits and pieces
  • bottles, sippy cups, utensils, and dishes just for littles ~ we won’t have our highchair, but we’ll make due with our laps and these useful items
  • bubble bath ~ Mr Bubble Bubble Bubble In the tubble tubble tubble Mr Bubble in the tubble Can get you squeaky clean! Mr. Bubble in the tubble He doesn’t leave a ring!
  • first aid kit ~ glass rectal thermometer, exam gloves, Vaseline, suppositories, nose drops, and enemas for those feeling the need for a little nursing
  • baby food, juice, formula, juice boxes, and kiddie snacks ~ for when your tum tum goes rumble rumble
  • stuffies, toys, games, books, craft supplies, and movies ~ play time with mommy is the bestest thing in the whole world
  • adult size stroller ~ what outing would be complete without you strapped into a stroller, all eyes witness to your very public humiliation?
  • background music ~ lullaby and good night, close those big bloodshot eyes
  • leather bondage ~ harnesses, pacifier gags, diaper belts, cuffs, collars, and leashes, oh my!
  • electro play ~ TENS units may sting your tushy, but bed-wetting alarms sting your pride
  • pacifiers and binky leashes ~ all the better to silence you
  • paddles and hairbrushes ~ sometimes littles and diaper lovers need punishment
  • wigs, makeup, and costumes ~ sissy babies are some of our favorite littles
  • plastic and rubber pants ~ no leaky bottoms allowed!
  • mitts, booties, bonnets, tights, and caps ~ it’s mummy’s job to keep you warm
  • water wings, swim diapers, and pool noodles ~ on a warm July day, it’s nice to take an embarrassing dip in the pool
  • enough wardrobe items and shoes to clothe an entire nation ~ locking dresses, rompers, nighties, onesies, shortalls, footie jams, t-shirts, spreader diapers, spreader rompers, Mary Jane shoes, sneakers, heels, and so on…seriously…it’s an addiction


A few tips:

  • We will be hosting sessions in upscale hotels.
  • Normal session rates apply. Those may be viewed on our website. Due to the nature of our tour, a 50% deposit will be required to hold all appointments. We have many creative ways for you to pay your deposit, so don’t fret.
  • If you’d like keepsake photos of your session, bring your camera or phone and we will be happy to accommodate your desires. Wank wank!

Now, here’s the tricky part. The following cities are on our agenda for the month of July.

  • Indiana – Indianapolis, Fort Wayne
  • Iowa – Des Moines, Cedar Rapids
  • Kentucky – Louisville, Lexington
  • Maryland – Baltimore, Washington DC
  • Michigan – Detroit, Grand Rapids
  • Minnesota – Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Rochester
  • Missouri – Kansas City, Saint Louis
  • Ohio – Columbus, Cleveland
  • Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
  • Tennessee – Memphis, Nashville
  • Virginia – Virginia Beach, Richmond
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Madison

Our final destinations will be determined solely by the level of interest in each area. Wherever has the most WINS! This is going to be easily determined.  If you sincerely wish to see one or both of us, shoot an e-mail to  Don’t clutter my inbox with what ifs and wishful thinking. You damn well better be genuine or I will hunt you down and cut off your pecker with garden shears. You have two weeks in which to express GENUINE interest. If you cannot afford a session, don’t e-mail! On June 15, 2014, I will reply to this post with a list of our final destination cities and the dates on which we will be in those cities. Then, you have until July 1, 2014 to schedule your session. REMEMBER! SINCERE INQUIRIES ONLY!

Fine print: No escorting, prostitution, sex acts, back alley rim jobs, donkey punching, rusty trombones, blumpkins, handstands, or eye-crossing. Our services are on the up and up.  We keep our clothes on the entire time.

No whining about rates. We are an elite service. If you can’t afford us, just frown and move on.

MommyMeredith020   Madeline000006


Mommy Meredith ~ ABDL Specialist In Chicago

If you are an adult baby, sissy baby, babyfur, age player, diaper lover, or role-player, you can’t pass up the opportunity to experience a session with Mommy Meredith.

Mommy Meredith is a lifestyle and professional fetishist.  She relishes age play and diaper fetish with a passion beyond words.  Whether you simply find diapers sexy or you are into a full immersion role play, she will take you to places you’ve never been to or even imagined.

Meredith will burrow into your mind and fuck with it for a while, leaving you more content than you ever thought imaginable.

Meredith is a lifestyle player who is engaged to her little, a sweet sissy baby who loves his mommy.

Her enthusiasm will immediately put you at ease, so don’t delay, if you’re nervous.  After a few minutes, you will feel like you’ve known her your entire life.

Seeing an ABDL mistress can be a daunting thought.  It may rattle your nerves to think about exposing your deep, dark secret to someone, especially a total stranger.  Rest assured that Mommy Meredith will handle you with kid gloves, taking your fears into consideration.  By the time you leave your session, you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous.  Mommy Meredith’s smiling face will stay in your thoughts and comfort you.  You will yearn to return as soon as possible to her loving embrace.

To learn more about Mommy Meredith’s services, visit her website.  There you will find an exciting photo gallery, her availability calendar, a list of her interests, her rates, and other useful information.

To give you an idea of how beloved Mommy Meredith is by her clients, here are a few reviews written by her clients on FetLife.

Mommy Meredith is the bestest!! She is a lot of fun to play wif and knows what she is doing! I recommended her to anyone that needs a awesome mommy to play with!

I had the most wonderful experience with Goddess Madeline and Mistress Meredith. I am a sissy maid, and Goddess Madeline obviously put a great deal of thought into my session. When it came time for the session, Goddess Madeline was feeling under the weather, but being the Professional She is, She wanted to insure that I had a terrific experience and She asked her colleague Mistress Meredith to conduct my session. When I arrived it was just as inviting an ambience as Goddess Madeline promised. Mistress Meredith took me upstairs and I saw the most extensive array of sissy and fetish clothing I have ever seen. Goddess Madeline and Mistress Meredith had laid out a gorgeous frilly black and white maid dress, several pairs of panties, white frilly ankle socks and Mary Janes. Mistress Meredith sensuously dressed me in this clothing and when the Mary Janes didn’t quite fit instantly produced bigger pair. Mistress invited me to choose a wig, and then just as Goddess Madeline had indicted would be the case, Mistress applied beautiful make up. I was amazed and thrilled at my transformation. Mistress Meredith was always smiling and speaking sweetly but firmly as She took me through thrilling maid training and applied the perfect amount of verbal compliments and admonishment and spanking discipline, always reminding me to be a lady and a hard working polite servant gurl. When I fumbled some task, Mistress Meredith was kind but firm. I’ve never felt or looked so wonderfully sissy and I loved every minute. I’ll never forget how sensuously Mistress Meredith initially put on my socks and folded them down around my ankles, and then at the end of our session, equally sensuously pulled the anklets off my feet!

It was the best sissy maid experience I’ve ever had and I owe it to the craft and dedication of Goddess Madeline and Mistress Meredith;)

I just wanted to say that I spent a full weekend blissfully under the care of Mommy Meredith this past weekend. Two days back at work and I am still tingling.

First, Mommy Meredith’s pictures do not do her justice. She is stunning.

She completely understands and is equally adept in the nurturing AB mommy role as well as the more condescending and domineering role of a DL “sitter” that I tend to prefer.

Wildly creative and enthusiastic, she orchestrated wonderfully imaginative public outings as well as private downtime, both of which seem key when enjoying two days of play. I’ll keep most of the specifics between Meredith and me, but suffice it to say that I’ve been an active role player since 1974 and have done hundreds of perverted and diabolical escapades and yet…I experienced multiple “firsts” this weekend.

Oh…and this woman gets more excited (almost giddy) staring into a closet of AB clothes than I do. And I’m as pure a fetishist as they come. So you better show up ready to drop your guard and become ridiculously cute under her supervision (or in my case ridiculously foolish looking).

I just spent 4 dreamlike days under the care of Mommy Meredith and I had the time of my life. She put her heart and soul into being the best Mommy you could wish for.

I have given a lot of thought on how to describe my experience with her but words have become woefully inadequate. Words cannot possibly describe the sheer bliss of being cuddled in her arms or seeing her smiling down at me as she taped me up.

She is angelic with her grace and beauty, yet wickedly creative in dressing me up and embarrassing me. She is warm, loving, selfless, fun, intelligent, and so much more. If that wasn’t enough, she knows the mindset of an AB very well and always seemed to know the right things to say.

My only negative is the overwhelming sadness I felt when it was over.

Mommy Meredith is great! If you’re thinking about seeing someone because you are interested in diaper play whether it be ab or dl or some combination, do yourself a HUGE favor and run, don’t walk to Mommy Meredith. She has a wonderful and deep understanding of our interests, needs, and motivations, and you WILL have the time of your life. I’ve seen her twice now, and can’t get her out of my mind.

I’ve seen both Mommy Madeline and Mommy Meredith at the Naughty Nursery, most recently this week with Mommy Meredith. The nursery is truly wonderful. The number and variety of diapers, clothes, and plastic panties is almost overwhelming. The new crib is great as is the naughty chair. But the real asset of the nursery is the two mommies. They are both incredibly good at getting into your head. It’s clear that both Mommy Madeline and Mommy Meredith have a real love for this kind of play. Over the years I’ve played with a number of professional dommes, and I couldn’t recommend them both higher.

I hope one day to be as brave as Diaper Dan and let Mommy Meredith take me out in public!

i will say this the two of them together makes for a great time, its been a while since i last saw mommy Madeline, and i wanted to see her again, but i was curious about Mommy Meredith, so i saw both, and i couldn’t be a happier baby! they both really do know how to put a baby boy at ease, its like a spa, only your diapered, which is a good thing for little babies like me who need to be doubled diapered at all times :)- i will say this, the parties that Mommy Madeline throws are great too, I’ve only made it to one, but i will be at the next one! being able to find somewhere that you are able to fully relax, and not just relax is great, i would recommended both Mommy Madeline and Mommy Meredith to anyone- oh and the New Crib is amazing- very comfortable! i didnt want to get out :)

Pure fun at the Naughty Nursery!! Mommy Meredith was so sweet. Her smile so intoxicating and her playful way so genuine. And sooooo many cute clothes and diapers of all kinds! I highly recommend a visit!!

And so…I booked it to Chicago just in time to be (apparently) the first to sleep in Mommy Madeline’s crazy new crib while under the strict but nurturing care of Mommy Meredith.

Love it!!! Highly recommend it. Mommy Madeline’s nursery is the best, my friends!!

More varieties and sizes of diapers than I had imagined. Changing table, crib, high chair, stroller, training pants, plastic pants, bath tub, lotions, bottles, you name it…..but most of all…two very dear, terrifically talented, and completely diabolical mommies.

And…if you do an longer session there you just might be lucky enough to experience Mommy Madeline’s culinary magic. I am serious…this women CAN COOK!!!!!!!

These reviews give you a glimpse into Mommy Meredith’s wonderful world at The Naughty Nursery.

Don’t forget to check out her website.



Medical and Enema Fetish in Chicago

When one is in Chicago and looking for a dominant female enema fetishist and/or medical fetishist to play with, one needs to look no further than Nurse Madeline.  With over fifteen years of pro domme experience and twenty-six years in the D/s lifestyle, Nurse Madeline knows her stuff.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  One look at the galleries on Nurse Madeline’s web site and you’ll instantly know that she is skilled, kinky, and very professional.

Whether you are looking for a home-style enema from a caring nurturer or a punishment enema that will make you wince, Nurse Madeline of Chicago is your answer.  Not only is she a true enema fetishist with an amazing collection of nozzles, bags, bulbs, and solutions, she’s the organizer and hostess of Chicago E-fest, an annual enema convention held in Chicago.

If MedFet is your passion, join a fellow enthusiast.  Nurse Madeline is a naughty nurse with a deviant mind.  She is creative, wicked, and more than a little sadistic.  She is an expert in every aspect of medical fetish.

Nurse Madeline calls her play space “The Kinky Klinik.”  It is the most amazingly-equipped medical-themed room in which you will ever session.  Her attention to detail is astounding.  Nothing has been overlooked.  Not only is there a power hospital bed and exam table with stirrups, but the walls are lined with shelves loaded with every medical device you can imagine, including catheters, hypodermic needles and syringes, speculums, clamps, clips, rings, cages, paddles, whips, cuffs, collars, masks, hoods, strait jackets, saline solution, electro-play equipment, dilators, rubber gas masks, funnels, tubes, gags, blindfolds, sounds, and the list goes on.

Her website,, is informative and exciting.  Here is a sample from her gallery to get you started. When in Chicago, be sure to look up Nurse Madeline to fulfill your medical and enema fetish needs and desires.





:-(  I planned to take one of my AB to the zoo today, but it’s way too freaking hot!

My upstairs furnace/AC unit flipped the circuit breaker, so I had to run down to the basement and flip it back.  

Too darn hot!