A Dream

Last night, I dreamed that I was the queen of a realm.

All children in the land were sequestered in a school until the age of eighteen. The only people they came into contact with were a small group of old women who cared for them and taught them to read and write.

At the age of eighteen, the women were entered into the queen’s court.

On their eighteenth birthday, every man in my domain was brought to me, so I could evaluate and classify him, according to his virility. Each man was brought before my throne. From my seat, I would examine his physique, concentrating on his manhood.

In order to properly evaluate each man, he was required to stroke himself to erection in front of me. I would judge his virility by the length of time it took him to become erect, the hardness of his erection, and the lasting power of his boner after ejaculation. Then, I would examine his scrotum to see the size and looseness of his balls. In the last appraisal step, I would assess the length and thickness of his cock.

After checking out each man, I would rank him.

After being ranked and receiving the appropriate classification ritual (e.g. castration for all eunuchs), each man would undergo physical alteration.

He would be shaved from the neck down and ordered to maintain this bareness for life.

Each man would be given a large volume enema and told to take one each day, twice on Sunday, for the remainder of his life.

All men would have their nipples pierced with thick rings. Eunuchs and drones would have their septum pierced with a thick ring, like bulls often have. Sex slaves would have various genital piercings done, according to my whim.

All men would have “Property of Queen Madeline” tattooed on their lower back, right above their ass crack.

Every man would have a very large butt plug inserted with instructions that it was only to be removed in the event of a bowel movement and then immediately reinserted afterward. They would be ordered to increase the size of the butt plug throughout their life and wear it until they die.

All of the men had their clothes confiscated and were told that they were never to put on clothes again. All men over eighteen years of age were made to be nude. Only women and children were allowed to wear clothes.

Eunuch – The most under-endowed men, those with tiny balls, a poor physique, and little stamina would be relegated to castration and a life of servitude. They would be immediately removed to my castration chamber where they would await my presence. Later, I would enter bearing an elastrator. With the help of my head eunuch restraining them, I would apply a tight band around the base of the future eunuch’s scrotum. Eventually, his scrotum would wither and fall off, leaving him without testicles. Eunuchs would be relegated to a life of service to me or the ladies of my court, doing such chores as cleaning, making beds, drawing baths, scrubbing floors, licking toilets clean, acting as human toilets, serving as human furniture, footstools, spittoons, and so forth. Eunuch’s slept in stables like animals on straw beds with no blankets. They were given water and table scraps and made to relieve themselves in outhouses. Eunuch was the lowest rank and the least desirable, but fitting for such poor specimens of manhood.

Drone – Men with cocks under seven inches, thin dicks, average size nuts, and ordinary physiques would be classified as drones. They would be immediately removed to my castration chamber where they would await my presence. Later, I would enter carrying a burdizzo. With the help of my head drone restraining them, I would crimp the man’s testicular cords, rendering him infertile, so he could not breed mediocrity. Drones would spend their entire lives working for the dominion in the name of the queen. Some drones would act as soldiers, defending the wall that surrounded my realm. Others would work in the fields, planting and harvesting crops, sometimes pulling plows to till the soil. If a drone perchance was decent looking, he was made one of my team of pullers, hooked to my transport, pulling with five other drones my collection of carts and carriages. Four hand-picked drones were assigned the task of carrying my litter through the streets of my realm when I chose not to ride in a carriage or cart. Other drones were made to pull wagons full of produce and dry goods. Yet other drones would work in skilled trades and professions, such as blacksmith, dentist, shoemaker, and chef. Drones were given a Spartan dorm room in the drone dormitory. They slept on cots and were given food and drink in a cafeteria setting. They relieved themselves in dormitory bathrooms with public fixtures. The sole purpose of a drone was to work for the rest of his life in the name of his queen.

Sex Slaves – Well-endowed men with nice nutsacks and manly physiques would be classified as sex slaves. They would be immediately placed on a regimen of vitamins and herbs to maintain their virility. Once these men aged and lost their virility, they would be castrated and demoted to the class of drone. While sex slaves, these men would occupy all of their time pleasuring the women of my court. They would be trained in the arts of massage, manicures, pedicures, cunnilingus, analingus, sensual touch, and sexual intercourse positions and techniques. These men would be allowed to breed with the women of my court, in order to produce more subjects for my domain. The infants would remain with their mothers for one year, then be taken to the public school where they would be sequestered until the age of eighteen. All of the sex slaves had to accept bi-sexuality, so they could participate in court orgies on all levels. Several of the sex slaves were made into sissies through the implantation of huge silicone breasts implants. They were adorned with lipstick, blush, and false eyelashes and ordered to always appear this way. The sex slaves lived in chambers adjacent to the royal court. They had semi-private bathrooms and ate with the ladies of the court. The sole purpose of a sex slave was to bring pleasure to the women of my realm and pamper them in the name of their queen.

The Dozen – The twelve men found to be the most handsome and virile in my dominion would be designated one of the dozen. Only the most well-endowed, physically defined, good-looking men made the cut into the dozen. They had to have low hanging, large, loose testicles, a thick cock of at least ten inches, and an extremely hard body. They had to be able to achieve an erection quickly, maintain it firmly, and not lose it after ejaculation. These men were placed on a special diet, with a regimen of herbs, vitamins, and frequent Viagra. They had to be ready at a moment’s notice to pleasure me. They were trained by my head sex slave in the arts of pampering and pleasure. If they ever displeased me, they would be demoted to the rank of sex slave. The dozen were forbidden to masturbate. This was to ensure they had sufficient cum to cover me, should I wish to bathe in milk and cum, which kept the queen’s skin alabaster and smooth as silk. The dozen had to accept bi-sexuality, should the queen wish to be amused by homo-erotica on occasion. Each one of the dozen was named a number between one and twelve, to be addressed, for example, as three of twelve. They were not allowed to use their given name. Each of the dozen wore a thick, heavy, metal device on their scrotum that was placed there by me, in order to stretch their scrotum to my desired length. The dozen would spend their days exercising to maintain a defined physique for their queen. Each of the dozen spent one hour per day wearing a heavy weight on the Prince Albert piercing that their queen had ordered when they were classified. The piercing was to be removed unless they were practicing their cock stretching. The dozen slept on mats in my chamber suite, so they were always available for my summons. They ate and drank in a dining chamber adjacent to my lavish dining hall. They had their own bathroom with private facilities. Each of the dozen had the sole purpose of pleasuring and pampering me.


My BOO list

These sites deserve a big, loud “BOO!,” because they don’t answer e-mails, have virtually abandoned their sites, have technical difficulties, etc.

http://www.domme.com – This site was purchased by the BDSM giant that owns JT’s Stockroom, Syren Latex, and Stromy Leather. They can suck my puckered asshole for asking dommes to add their link, while having a broken system for doing so. I sent 37 e-mails to them, all unopened and unanswered. Lame!

http://www.fetishengine.com – This site has been abandoned. It is unethical of them to fool people into adding their banner to their sites when they have no intention of holding up their end of the link exchange deal.

http://www.dominationguide.com – This site has been abandoned. It is unethical of them to fool people into adding their banner to their sites when they have no intention of holding up their end of the link exchange deal.

http://www.sadistic-mistress.com – This site isn’t owned by the big corporation, but it cheats with its banner/link exchanges, just like the rest. Save yourself the trouble of signing up.