My Airlines Rant

Remember when gas prices rose and jet fuel prices hiked up, so the airlines instituted checked bag fees, saying it would help them avoid profit losses?  I remember that.  I also remember gas prices dropping and jet fuel prices plummeting.  What I don’t remember is those baggage fees going away.  I also don’t remember them decreasing.   I see now some of the airlines are increasing their checked bag fees…just in time for holiday travel.  And, the airlines wonder why air travel is down.  LOL.  I guess they wish to encourage everyone to carry-on versus checking their bags.  Funny.  Every flight I’ve been on since they instituted checked bag fees has overhead compartments so full that some people can’t find a spot to cram in their bags.  I see families where every kid has a carry-on bag that is maximum size.  LOL.  The airlines sure are smart, aren’t they?  Employing pilots who overshoot their destination and hiring drunk and disorderly flight attendants and all that noise.  Southwest doesn’t charge bag fees.  I fly them once in a while, but I think I’m gonna step up that choice.