A spokeswoman for SWOP recently posted on a Yahoo group that it was disgusting that some escorts give bareback blow jobs. The Sex Worker Outreach Program passes judgment on service providers. That doesn’t seem right. The spokeswoman went on to defend a friend of hers that she says she’s known for over ten years. I wonder if she knows that that very friend she was defending gives bareback blow jobs. I do, because I just read her reviews and the fact is mentioned many times. I find hypocrisy is rampant these days. I have nothing against anyone, especially escorts. I do find it disturbing, though, that this woman wants to lump dominatrices in with sex workers. We do not provide personal services (sex). Ergo, we aren’t sex workers. Right?

This same spokeswoman babbled something about someone visiting her site from my site.  Duh!  Ever heard of the FemDom Banner Exchange?  ROTFL.  Paranoia amuses me.


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