Deviant Behavior

Departing from usual or accepted standards, esp. in social or sexual behavior.

A deviant person or thing.

There’s a political battle raging in Illinois over gay marriage rights.  Those opposed to allowing love to thrive currently have a campaign that states ,“Allowing for the legalization of gay marriage further normalizes what was until very recently, and still should be, considered deviant behavior.” 


We shouldn’t allow two people in love to marry, because they are deviant, based on the argument that same sex relationships are deviant.


No one can disagree that I am deviant.  I poop in men’s mouths.  I put lipstick on men and dress them in frilly frocks, so they can parade around in heels.  I force men to masturbate and cum into the diapers they are wearing.  I encase men in leather sleep sacks, abandoning them for hours in their cocoon.  For me, such behavior isn’t deviant.  It’s my norm.  However, society views it as deviant.

Should I be banned from marrying, as well?

Using the argument that same sex relationships are deviant, and, therefore, should not be allowed the right of legal marriage is ridiculous.  If its proponents insist on using that argument, they are opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box, because – and I hate to be the one to break this news to them – their argument can also be used to outlaw heterosexual marriage.

The men I see are predominately middle-aged, professional white guys.  The one trait they share is that they are, overwhelmingly, married with children.  I see very few single guys.  The women I see are almost always married, as well.

So, if deviant behavior is the requisite for banning marriage, then we must immediately ban marriage all-together, and nullify all existing unions.

The craziest shit is going on behind the closed doors of married heterosexual couples.  Really weird crap, like bizarre stuff – seriously.

Deviant Behavior.

Who gets to decide what is the norm?  Is that person privy to everyone’s secrets?

If a man gets caught in an airport restroom stall sucking cock, should we nullify his heterosexual marriage?

If a man enjoys meeting hustlers in cheap motels to do meth and have sex, should we dissolve his heterosexual marriage?

I don’t smoke.  Am I deviant or normal with regard to smoking?

I don’t drink.  Is that the norm, or deviance?

Can I buy a copy of the book that contains a list of everything that’s normal and all that’s deviant?  Is there a Kindle edition?

For anyone to believe that any one person or body of people is capable of deeming what is deviant is beyond ridiculous.

What makes us human is our mind.  There are four things that separate us from other animals – generative computation, promiscuous combination of ideas, mental symbols, and abstract thought.  Nowhere in our mental capacity is the ability to distinguish right love from wrong love, because there is no such thing as wrong love.  Love is always good, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

I don’t want to live in a world where any love can be defined as wrong.

Loving unions should be embraced and admired, no matter who shares them.