Animal Farm

It’s an abomination that our country is composed of so many bigots, racists, sexists, and xenophobes who are willing to vote for a reality TV show fearmonger, rather than an experienced stateswoman and dedicated public servant.

The fact that so many are willing to glom onto such a minor issue as e-mail to disqualify a candidate, while ignoring the fact that Trump is wholly unqualified and unnervingly dangerous, proves that the US education system is sorely lacking.  Otherwise, our citizens wouldn’t be tuned into a reality TV brain-numbing mentality.  The public wouldn’t be so easily swayed by an irresponsible media that cares more for ratings than the truth, a media that left behind journalism years ago, replacing it with sensationalism.

This Orwellian situation would be hilarious, if this were a game, but this isn’t a game. We are on a fast track to the US entering a dystopian era.

If Hillary Clinton were male, none of this would be an issue. The fact that the worst thing naysayers can dig up is an e-mail mistake she’s admitted and apologized for should easily demonstrate who the most fit candidate is. Instead, news outlets are drooling at the prospect of four more years of high ratings featuring their favorite carnival barker, Donald Trump.

Won’t it be ironic when their golden boy turns the tables and squashes their freedom of speech rights and pushes for libel laws that make it impossible to report the truth.  It won’t make a difference to the public, because, apparently, they aren’t interested in the truth.


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