Human Family

We often forget that we are a human family.

It’s much easier to hate than to love, to fear than to accept, to slur than to praise, to shove than to embrace, to argue than to agree, to destroy than to restore, to raze than to build, to kill than to create, to anger than to inspire, to deny than to confirm, to oppose than to validate, to lie than to reveal, to hoard than to share, to covet than to give, to withhold than to sacrifice, to hide than to stand, to rule than to govern, to obstruct than to accommodate, to ignore than to care, to boast than to deprecate, to intimidate than to encourage, to command than to serve, to battle than to befriend.

Good isn’t easy.

Change isn’t easy.

The wonderful thing about the human family is that we eagerly accept challenge.  We conquer difficulty.  We affect change.  We are courageous.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. – Maya Angelou


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