Today I was reading the comments from donors to a GoFundMe page for a young family who lost their husband/father in a tragic accident in south TX.

What stood out to me were the variety of immigrant names – Latino, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Irish, German, French, and so on. 

Immigrants built America and continue to make it a better place to live.  Anyone who denies that has a pea brain.  Racism is the benchmark of low intellect, those with small minds judging entire nations on the basis of zero facts.  You cannot have a sound mind and be prejudiced against groups of people at the same time. 

Our current administration fuels the flames of raw stupidity.  It’s unfortunate that a greedy Russian operative (kompromat) dwells in the White House.  It’s egregious that he is abetted by Moscow Mitch.  It’s sick that an entire political party enables him (looking at you, GOP).

I prefer to be hopeful.  The history of our country, the sacrifice and bravery of our founding fathers, and the ever moving toward progress inspires my faith that America will shake off this momentary fall from grace and will once again brightly shine its faithful beacon to the world, Lady Liberty, all are welcome, dreams encouraged, fellowship regardless of birthplace offered.  #immigration #immigrationpolicy 


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