Unwavering devotion is, perhaps, one of the most difficult challenges of self-discipline. I adhere to the strictest moral codes. I expect others to do the same. Refraining from swearing, lying, cheating, stealing, pleasures of the flesh, and worse is not easy, which is why I assign exercises to bolster moral fortitude, including, but not limited to, fasting, meditative introspection, and positive affirmation mantras. If I sense something is amiss, I make it my mission to extract a confession. Once I hear the admission, I assign penance.


Domestic Discipline

I have little tolerance for bad behavior.  If an errant boy needs correction, I may take him into my domestic disciple parlor.  As you can see by the photo, I decorated my Chicago domestic discipline room in the style of a retro living room with quarter sawn American and English oak antiques from the turn of the last century.  I chose ultra feminine floral and pink fabrics for the furniture and accent pieces.  I also went with a cherub theme.  I love those little suckers.  Hidden in the secretary desk are many domestic discipline implements including the following.

Wooden Hairbrush Wooden Spoon Switch
Leather Belts Leather Straps Leather Paddles
Canes Wooden Paddles Carpet Beaters
Coiled Rope Broom Extension Cord
Slipper Ping Pong Paddle Spatula
Birch Bundle Bath Brush Fly Swatters