Latex Fetish Chicago – Seeking Rubber Slave

I am a rubber fetishist through and through.

Sadly, I lost my longtime rubber slave to C19 in April. He served me for over a decade. The loss was devastating. I will always remember him as thoughtful, kind, and smart. He had a generosity of spirit that few possess. I still tear up, when I think about him.

Whilst still mourning, it is now time for me to seek a new rubber slave, not someone to replace him, but someone to continue his legacy.

I do not have many requirements for applicants. You should be mature, intelligent, well-groomed, obedient, submissive, eager to serve a rubber mistress, and able to commit at least $300 per month to grow my Latex wardrobe and expand my rubber dungeon collection. I expect you to have your own rubber wardrobe or be willing and able to acquire one. Age, race, and gender are of little importance. Attitude is everything.

If chosen, you will serve as my personal rubber toy. I am creative and quite wicked. I enjoy MedFet, e-stim, elaborate suspension bondage, artistic rope bondage, clever predicament bondage, chastity, prostate milking, dildo training, enemas, orgasm control, watersports, role play, inflatable rubber, deflatable rubber, sensory deprivation, gas masks, aroma play, CBT, spanking, corporal punishment, mind fucks, Latex worship, smothering, breath play, hypnosis, and other things that are too numerous to list here.

Of course, your limits will always be respected. We will discuss possibly expanding them. You needn’t be interested in all of my interests. Mutually fulfilling play is the name of the game. I am vastly experienced, so I can teach you many things. Hopefully, you will teach me things.

If we attend events, I expect you to cover all expenses. Events are not a requirement, but they are exciting. I know how to have fun. Plus, you will be thrilled to have a gorgeous Latex clad mistress as your traveling and event companion. I am quite stunning.

If you wish to apply, do not comment here. You must write to me at Impress me. If you put zero thought into your inquiry, it will be deleted. Take time to intrigue me with your application.

Rest in peace, my friend, until we meet again.


Nurse Madeline ~ Medical and Enema Fetish in Chicago

When one is in Chicago and looking for a dominant female enema fetishist and/or medical fetishist to play with, one needs to look no further than Nurse Madeline.  With over fifteen years of pro domme experience and twenty-six years in the D/s lifestyle, Nurse Madeline knows her stuff.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  One look at the galleries on Nurse Madeline’s web site and you’ll instantly know that she is skilled, kinky, and very professional.

Whether you are looking for a home-style enema from a caring nurturer or a punishment enema that will make you wince, Nurse Madeline of Chicago is your answer.  Not only is she a true enema fetishist with an amazing collection of nozzles, bags, bulbs, and solutions, she’s the organizer and hostess of Chicago E-fest, an annual enema convention held in Chicago.

If MedFet is your passion, join a fellow enthusiast.  Nurse Madeline is a naughty nurse with a deviant mind.  She is creative, wicked, and more than a little sadistic.  She is an expert in every aspect of medical fetish.

Nurse Madeline calls her play space “The Kinky Klinik.”  It is the most amazingly-equipped medical-themed room in which you will ever session.  Her attention to detail is astounding.  Nothing has been overlooked.  Not only is there a power hospital bed and exam table with stirrups, but the walls are lined with shelves loaded with every medical device you can imagine, including catheters, hypodermic needles and syringes, speculums, clamps, clips, rings, cages, paddles, whips, cuffs, collars, masks, hoods, strait jackets, saline solution, electro-play equipment, dilators, rubber gas masks, funnels, tubes, gags, blindfolds, sounds, and the list goes on.

Her website,, is informative and exciting.  Here is a sample from her gallery to get you started. When in Chicago, be sure to look up Nurse Madeline to fulfill your medical and enema fetish needs and desires.